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Liwa Oasis

MIDDLE EAST_POSTED_BY Trippers Editor     October 17, 2017     1,326 views     0 comments
Approximately 250km south of Abu Dhabi, the Liwa Oasis is a 150km arc of villages and farms hugging the edge of Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter (Rub’ al-Khali), which truly lives up to its name: the odd roaming camel or small verdant oasis magnifies just how magnificent this endless...  more

Welcome to Liwa Oasis


This is the Arabia described by explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger, but it’s also the birthplace of the Al Maktoum and Al Nahyan families, now the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively. Once you visit, you’ll understand why the Liwa Oasis has a special place in the hearts of nationals, who come here to get back to their roots, relax and just take in the arid splendour of this glorious landscape.


The commercial heart of the oasis is Mezaira’a, with activity centred on the junction of Hwy E43 from Madinat Zayed and Hwy E90, the main road through the oasis. Here you’ll find a gas station, an ATM, a supermarket and a hospital.