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Buy WPC decking is not as strange as the better

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    January 12, 2018 2:39 PM +04

    Buy WPC decking is not as strange as the better ?With the wooden floor is widely used in the family decoration, especially WPC decking has become a vital force in decoration materials industry. Due to fierce market competition, manufacturers have launched various promotional tools retrofit confuse consumers. At the same time, some manufacturers to pursue their own interests to shoddy deceive consumers, harm the interests of consumers, but also directly

    affect the wood floor the reputation of the market. In the day held the inaugural meeting of the "Guangdong Wood Flooring Association", the domestic wood flooring experts with many a gathering of many people against the wood flooring manufacturers have made the so-called "selling point" pain. Experts remind consumption, wood consumption must be rational, the more the better is not new, more "odd" well, many manufacturers are playing the "selling points"

    in fact. In "trap a lot of the inaugural meeting of the Guangdong Wood Flooring Association", Kichi Itae Deputy director of China Dou Timber Circulation Association long Beijing Forestry University professor Gao Zhihua, China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee, deputy director of the Beijing Forestry University associate professor Yang Meixin Xu Guoxiong, Professor of wood industry in Shanghai, Guangdong province and wood products

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