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hunt down in Indian

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    January 12, 2018 7:18 AM +04

    informing against to hunt down in Indian police, the member that contraband a person carries the car that contrabands red sandalwood log to have powerful connections quite: wood plastic composite decking installation for buyer This car installs the carry of company of madam of De Labang Qian Dela's governor to suckle a car for India! The person that reachs because of embroil is more sensitive, this case had caused the wide attention of Indian media, be reported

    extensively on Indian newspaper, artificial stone decking australia TV, network! Regard domestic annatto as the banner of the industry, white sandalwood rosewood (flocculus rosewood) belong to endangered species, white sandalwood rosewood of home is at present basic it is to pass smuggling channel to enter country. In last few years, because contraband Indian flocculus rosewood (white sandalwood rosewood) and be price on composite decking for deck hunted down by Indian

    government, capture even the incident of shoot dead happens often. It is especially after November 2014, after the rosewood of more than 2000 tons of flocculus that advantage in using plastic composite decking Indian government permits via CITES to its auctions a success, let Indian government see the enormous value of this kind of wood first. Accordingly, india reachs flocculus rosewood producing area to installed De Labang government to all increase the