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    Indigestion and heartburn is the cause for misery for millions of people around the world. The great news is that only a few easy changes can bring noticeable relief.

    A number of foods can trigger heartburn or indigestion by relaxing the band of muscles at the end of your esophagus so it can’t keep out stomach acid. Avoiding spicy foods containing black pepper or chili spices Nike SF Air Force 1 Australia , garlic and raw onions, citrus foods like oranges, and grapefruit, fried or fatty foods Nike Lunar Force 1 Australia Cheap , alcohol or anything with caffeine such as coffee, tea or soft drinks, heartburn and indigestion can be greatly lessened or avoided.

    For overall healthy digestion and to minimize acid reflux, make sure you get plenty of fiber from a variety of vegetables Nike Lunar Force 1 Australia , non-citrus fruits, and whole grains. Drink enough fluids to help your body absorb important nutrients and lubricate food waste, and use low-fat methods when cooking. Try drinking herbal chamomile tea after dinner or before bedtime, as it’s believed to have a calming effect on the stomach. Smaller but more frequent meals can also help decrease heartburn and indigestion episodes.

    Be sure to eat your meals and snacks in a calm Nike Air Force 1 Mid Womens Australia Cheap , relaxed atmosphere where there’s little if any noise or distractions. Wear properly fitting clothing that isn’t tight in the waist and abdominal area, and don’t lie down immediately after eating a meal. Make your morning meal oatmeal. It’s high in fiber, low in saturated fat and cholesterol and when combined with skim milk, gives you a calcium-charged boost to your day. By adding blueberries or raisins you’ll be adding some extra iron and potassium into the mix for a well-balanced meal.

    You can’t beat turkey if you want a lean Nike Air Force 1 Mid Womens Australia , nutrient-packed protein source that’ll be easy on your stomach. Turkey is high in niacin, which helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Chicken without the skin is also a terrific low-fat source of protein. Both are easy to cook either indoors or out.

    Apples and grapes are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium Nike Air Force 1 Mid Mens Australia Cheap , and are a great non-citrus fruit choice for vitamin C and fiber.

    More info on better eating habits to help Relieve hemorrhoids and how to relieve Relieve hemorrhoids with natural easy means.

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    By Xinhua writers Yang Shilong Nike Air Force 1 Mid Australia Cheap , Zhou Xiaozheng

    NEW YORK, June 21 (Xinhua) -- A famous Chinese entrepreneur's high-profile rebuttal of a recent report by The New York Times has drawn a lot of attention across the Pacific in the past few days, reviving a long-lingering question: what makes U.S. mainstream media's reports about Chinese companies so controversial?

    Cao Dewang, founder and president of Fuyao Glass Nike Air Force 1 Mid Australia , the world's largest auto glass manufacturer, dismissed the NYT report about his factory in Dayton, the U.S. state of Ohio, as inaccurate and unbalanced.

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