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4 rules for happiness in any situation

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    The society in which we live today believes that satisfaction has the same meaning as happiness. If you are satisfied, then you will be happy. But if you are not happy, then you are not happy. But most of the old philosophers disagree. For example, the first-century philosopher Epiketas believed that happiness would arise and end in one's mind. As Albert Ellis, creator of the theory of rational therapy, explains that people will respond to events based on their point of view. Aristotle, on the other hand, believes that happiness is an act, not a feeling, which can be achieved when life is balanced and moral. Therefore, it is not easy to say what is the correct definition of happiness. Well, and here are the rules I have come up with from studying the philosophy of happiness that can be applied in everyday life for true happiness.

    1. Live in the present
    Stop thinking about things that have passed or are about to happen. Be happy with the moment, both physically and mentally, before it vanishes.

    2. Recognize that happiness is a lifelong journey that requires perseverance.
    If you view happiness as something that makes you grateful and grateful. You will have the courage to face your problems peacefully at that time.

    3. Adjust your understanding
    Even though we are beset by various problems But do not forget that "Wisdom can overcome problems." Do you know that attitudes and understanding of what happens in life affect our happiness more than the situation itself?

    4.Stick to your belief system
    You have to have a purpose, a goal, and a life in that direction if you want to be happy. As Aristotle says, true happiness is not about “feelings” but about actions. We may not be able to control every situation we face, but we can control our own way. You might feel bad sometimes, but only if you stick to your attitude and personality. Only time will be able to return to your original point.

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