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    Under a rare blue summer sky on London’s Westminster Bridge Kolton Miller Jersey , Jiachun Lin poses in a flowing white lace gown and windtossed veil with her fiance Da Song.

    For Chinese couples, wedding photos are not simply about having a photographer show up on the big day.

    They can be elaborate affairs involving costumes, make-up artists, camera assistants and trips overseas, sometimes even underwater, and take up as much as a quarter of the wedding budget.

    <!-- 标清图 begin --><!--thumb为0表示没有底部缩略图,非0为有图--><!-- 更换小图 -->Bride Jiachun Lin and groom Da Song of China pose for a pre-wedding photograph on Westminster Bridge in London, Britain Reggie Nelson Jersey , September 2, 2017. REUTERS <!-- 更换小图 -->Bride Jiachun Lin of China poses for a pre-wedding photograph on Westminster Bridge in London, Britain, September 2, 2017. REUTERS <!-- 更换小图 -->Bride Jiachun Lin of China poses for a pre-wedding photograph on Westminster Bridge in London, Britain, September 2, 2017. REUTERS <!-- 更换小图 -->Golden Ladies Amari Cooper Jersey , one of Beijing’s 24x7 wedding photo studios, fills up with as many as 75 couples on a busy day <!-- 标清图 end -->

    “You can go to a studio to have pre-wedding pictures taken and you can pretend to be anywhere, they have so many backdrops,” said Song, 28, who will be tying the knot with his 24-year-old bride in China’s northeastern city of Harbin.

    Of course, it’s better if you can actually go there, said Song Derek Carr Jersey , whose photoshoot with UK Wedding set him back 1,000 pounds ($1,303). UK Wedding is one of several London-based companies catering exclusively to clients from China.

    “I went to university in Newcastle, so England has always been very important to me. I want to show my family and friends what it means to me,” Song said.

    Living in a globally connected world and given rising incomes, young Chinese are increasingly looking to impress with lavish weddings that mix traditional elements and Western trends, complete with a walk down the aisle, bridesmaids Khalil Mack Jersey , ushers and even a hired wedding planner.

    Revenue for China’s wedding services industry was estimated to have reached $24.6 billion in 2016, data provider IBISWorld said in a report this year. That covered car rentals, restaurant decorations, photography and videography, among others.

    The list of popular photoshoot destinations stretches from Indonesia’s resort island of Bali to London, Paris and picturesque blue-and-white Santorini in Greece.

    “Some people just want to photo famous landmarks in London like Big Ben and the London Eye,” said UK Wedding founder Jeff Lu, adding that many couples now seek more authentic experiences.

    “They might choose a really English-style small town Howie Long Jersey , such as in the Cotswolds near Oxford,” he added.

    For those who cannot travel, vast hangar-like Chinese studios bring the world to them, offering the chance to pose in front of a fake Greek village, a Chinese temple or the bedroom of French king Louis XIV - all in a single appointment.

    Golden Ladies, one of Beijing’s 24x7 wedding photo studios, fills up with as many as 75 couples on a busy day.

    At a recent shoot, Chen Xueling Bo Jackson Jersey , dressed in a shimmering blue dress and surrounded by opulence befitting a princess, gazed into the eyes of fiance Wang Xinfeng.

    The couple had to wait for three months for a slot.

    “It’s worth it so that we can have these beautiful memories for the future,” Chen said. “During the wedding itself, we’ll put these photos on a screen.”

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Given the "cross currents" inthe economy and markets, It is too early to predict when FederalReserve should raise interest rates, William Dudley, President ofFederal Reserve Bank of New York said on Friday.

    "It's too soon to judge exactly the timing of when the next ratehike might occur Raiders Kids Jersey , but the path is still clear that short term ratesare going to move higher," said Dudley, one of the central bank'skey decision-makers, on CNBC TV.

    The fed is facing with contradictory economic signals. Theabove-trend economic growth suggests the need to raise interestrates, while low inflation rate suggests it is better to wait.

    Fed officials were divided over the pace of rate hikes amidsustained low inflation, according to the minutes of Fed's Julypolicy meeting released last month.

    In June, the central bank raised the benchmark interest ratesfor the fourth time since December 2015 and unveiled a plan to trimits massive holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds and othermortgage-backed securities later this year.

    The Fed will hold its next policy meeting on Sept. 19-20. Mosteconomists expect the Fed to begin shrinking its balance sheet inSeptember, with a further rate hike in December Raiders Youth Jersey , according to thelatest survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal. Enditem

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