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Wood floor appearance

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    January 18, 2018 8:07 AM +04

    materials. Among them, the fastest-growing and the more applied The more widely to the wood-plastic profiles, the most common is the floor, in many parks, communities, and even in the garden everywhere to see the plastic floor, to say why the plastic floor more and more popular with the public, go The advantages are as follows: Wood floor appearance, feel and natural wood similar, according to, planing, drilling, nail holding power. According to user needs can be made into a wide range of products;guardian prestige decking it has low water

    absorption, mold acid and alkali, moisture corrosion, anti-aging, UV light, not easily deformed and 100% recyclable advantages; is real Of low-carbon products, in line with the development of 'circular economy' trend. WPC flooring has always been the main product of Shaoxing Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd., which is mainly exported to foreign countries and domestic government projects. The quality is top priority, and the cost is high. If you need to buy WPC flooring, friends can pay attention. Wood-plastic composite

    materials, we said many times before, building pvc handrailnot only has the strong wood texture, but also has the characteristics of anti-corrosion moisture moth-eaten, its application is broader than the solid wood materials, wood-plastic composite material due to excellent anti-corrosion moisture performance, So that it is also well used outdoors. Because wood and plastic both have the characteristics of water and corrosion resistance and wood texture, and because wood and plastic composites contain some plastic components, wood plastic composite demand in indiait can prevent insects and