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    Would you enjoy if it is time for you to get a fresh one to safely lose your cell phone? Thank for devising the first disposable cellular phone Randice-Lisa Altschul.

    Have you been occasionally annoyed by significant rain while driving?

    Who's Virginia Apgar? She created the "Apgar Score" Kurt Coleman Jersey , a system that assesses the health of newborn infants.

    Would you value having the ability to use quality movie? Barbara Askins is our pal because she developed a fresh manner of processing picture.

    Is not it wonderful to have technology that is good for maintaining eyesight? Patricia Bath was the first African American female doctor to patent a medical invention, which was the Cataract Laserphaco Probe.

    Like having the extravagance of summoning help at a resort? Give credit for devising the Sign and Gong Seat for Resorts, a device that lets a server is summoned by resort guests from a seat.

    Is Patricia Billings significant? Geobond, which will be an indestructible, fireproof building material was devised by her.

    Have you got an excellent ironing board? Thank for enhancing the ironing board Sarah Boone.

    Have you been scared of fungus? Elizabeth Lee Hazen and Rachel Fuller Brown were leaders in making an useful antifungal antibiotic.

    Let us give a round of applause for devising the first practical dishwasher to Josephine Garis Cochran.

    It's wonderful to have warning systems that are powerful. We must thank Martha Coston for creating Maritime Signal Flares, a pyrotechnic signaling system.

    What did Dianne Croteau do? She made it easier for us to practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation by inventing Actar 911, the CPR mannequin.

    Have you been comfortable? Marie expanded x ray technology, besides finding radium.

    Are you currently a parent who's not sad not to need to wash diapers? Thank for devising the disposable diaper Marion Donovan.

    Why are lives being saved medically? One reason for this is Gertrude Elion was a pioneer and drugs that help to cure leukemia and cancer were found by her.

    Did Edith Flanigen make things better? Edith refined oil.

    Would you like to examine yourself? Give credit for devising the house diabetes test.

    Did Frances Gabe make life more easy for some homeowners? Frances devised the self-cleaning house, a residence that cleans and dusts itself.

    Did you grow up playing the Barbie doll? Thank for devising it Ruth Handler.

    Have you been a woman who'd not be comfortable without wearing a bra? Embrace for devising it Mary Phelps Jacob.

    Who's Amanda Theodosia Jones? Amanda became the new inventor when she devised a vacuum-loaded canning system.

    Do you ever fashion your hair? Thank Marjorie Stewart Joyner for making a permanent wave machine for hair.

    Would you adore taking markets easily? We owe it for devising a grocery bag that is good.

    The Kevlar bulletproof vest, which will be five times stronger than steel was devised by her.

    Can you take an infant in your back? Ann Moore made it possible by devising the Snugli baby carrier for you.

    Have you ever worn a form comfortably? Thank for devising a form cooler to alleviate skin discomfort Krysta Marlan.

    What did Alice Parker do for us? The gasoline heating furnace improved.

    Would you value having hospital gear that is safe? Thank Betty Rozier and her daughter, Lisa Vallino, for inventing an intravenous catheter shield to make intravenous injections safer and easier to administrate.

    What did Madame Walker do for blacks? She was a pioneer for smoothing and softening African American hair.

    Is the environment cleaner? Antipollution devices were made by Mary Walton.

    China's top Internet watchdog on Tuesday announced plans to clean up online comment sections, a move observers stressed is necessary despite concerns about how it will affect Net users' right to free expression.

    According to the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), efforts will focus on cleaning up the comments sections of websites by removing harmful content that violates the "seven bottom lines" - including the socialist system, national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens - and laws and regulations like Measures on the Administration of Internet Information Service.

    Malicious Internet comments disturb the order of digital communications and damage "public opinion ecology," repulsing the public and underscoring the necessity for an overhaul, Ren Xianliang, deputy head of the CAC told representatives of both Party-run and commercial news media - including senior executives from popular news portals such as Tencent and NetEase - on Tuesday.

    Internet media outlets should shoulder their due social responsibilities rather than blindly pursuing a higher number of clicks on their websites, Ren stressed, urging them to enhance self-disciplined management of online comments.

    An easily accessible channel to accept Net users' reports of harmful content should be made and a healthy and positive Internet culture should be promoted, the CAC added.

    "Such a regulation campaign is necessary, as a large number of online comments containing spam ads and personal abuse are flooding the Internet," Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communications Law Research Center at China University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

    Zhu noted that stricter keyword filtering rules might be applied to webpage comments sections, as Net users often use alternative expressions such as homophones to bypass the current regulation system.

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