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I hope to share it with everyone

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    September 17, 2018 12:29 PM +04

    There are lots of MapleStory 2 maps, such as Pearl Harbor, the shooter village jungle, but these can cause the island a deep hook MapleStory2 Mesos players overlook ah! And also adds new critters, this combination of new and old and a lot of new maps, I like it!

    Not just over these, Maplestory 2 also adds a great deal of new games for your amusement, the participant will satisfy a hat on the field map, press the spacebar points right into it, you can go after a lot of gold to make it through the game ! Timing is going to be held at the main city of actions, players will join this event, won the first prize of these players may get an assortment of props!

    Now's focus here, two of my favourite island brings me most of which point is the wild BOSS warfare and raiding, I feel that among the players that played in the island have had these experiences, once the bat magic, abandoned town raid This is to rely on all to work together in order to kill and adopted, the island remains a continuation of these two characteristics, and are doing very nicely, many are fresh BOSS Oh, the damage flashy flashy skills, BOSS difficulty greatly strengthened, BOSS players like the challenge, however there are benefits, and it'll kill BOSS and burst through a copy of a lot of very good gear and upgrade the skills of stone !

    Copy of the team, also, must be a concerted effort to cooperate with one another to pass, after adjusting large rewards have (full time base situation came out, think there is a little excited, ha ha ~).Then there's the trend that brought me Maplestory 2 ! Whether or sister who then have the guy who set your ears up, if I inform you that the island isn't in fashion two fixed pattern, we could follow your own to DIY your favorite style, so individuals who like to yourself individuals dressed sister as well as the guy who will consider how to get how to get!

    (two years since the island has DIY style, my mother no longer need to fret about my characters and folks would like a) when we believe there's a really handsome or gorgeous fashion, is available through the mall to sell to everyone to share ( Just how much you use other people's things to cover points Nicely ~), and the mall will be ranked Oh, by the fashion individuals who create the most money in the mall is going to be displayed on a single position DIY game so good God, the island where you can either play two Your talent can earn big gold !

    Maplestory 2 also has PVP, this is the time to check the recently added heard a great deal of fun! However, as a PVE players that I didn't do too much to know, please forgive me! These are feelings and the adventures I get out of this test, I hope to share it with everyone! For the first time to write something forgive me ah!

    Want for love Maplestory and Maplestory2 players say Maplestory2 is in fact a game worth playing, picture quality characters, gameplay diversity and die plate, suitable for all types of players to encounter! While saying this could lead people to advance the spray Official MapleStory 2 Wiki, but I can say that I expect Maplestory2 early beta in the nation, so that more gamers and adored Maplestory2 loyal Maplestory gamers to experience the game as soon as possible!